Los Angeles, CA


LA, CA USA - Managua, Nicaragua.


A simple app that let's you self host your Go modules using your own domains


Common tasks used to deploy Django powered websites via Fabric.


Simple app to allow superusers to login as other (non-superuser) accounts via a quick user switch process.


CLI utility to tag file data, contents, and meta data to easily index and search user files.


A simple Go module to send email via various services with a single message object.


3156533 More title additions for templates missing it

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a03ecdd Add sponsored org type

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86adf51 Remove session idle timeout and let cookie expiry manage it

17 days ago via links

78e0a40 Adding placeholders for tags and changing Note description label to be more clear

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2830514 gobwebs bump

20 days ago via links

f2d97e9 Moving away from dumb messages implementation. Now using simple json

20 days ago via gobwebs

0b5d725 Fixing .gitignore patterns for local binaries

20 days ago via links

1e906b9 Removing slices reference for exp package

20 days ago via links

59358ca Add simple copy link to user account functionality.

20 days ago via links

2339a37 More schema cleanup.

25 days ago via links

61ee8c3 Working to resolve graphql perm issues for non auth users.

a month ago via links

680e67a Removing double title in listing detail page

a month ago via links

a746c61 Adding 5 minute timeout for Web Archive request

a month ago via links

582da32 Account for situations when sessions are not available

a month ago via gobwebs

1b983bf Fixing a few bugs with tests

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