Utilities for backend web development in Go. Auth, cookies, email, database, and other toolkits.

#3 When enabling GraphQL, make the /graphql route optional

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#2 Move sessions store to an interface

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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This module, while is working in production, is not considered production ready. It is not yet version 1 ready and the API will no doubt change on core pieces. If you're adventurous then enjoy.

This is a simple set of utilities to help make it easier to write web applications in Golang. It uses the echo framework. Some of the batteries included:

  • User management
    • Login (password or magic email link)
    • Change password
    • Forgot password
    • Change email
  • Confirmation management
  • User sessions (using scs)
  • Storage (local fs or S3)
  • Custom form validation (combining echo and validator)
  • Built in async queue support (using dowork)
  • Custom email interfaces using carrier
  • Lots of template helpers
  • Built in localization

Requires Go 1.18+ and PostgreSQL.

Seriously lacking documentation, base sql tables for users and confirmations, and more. Like we said, don't use this yet. You've been warned :)

Licensed under the BSD license. See LICENSE file